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At the Ebinger law firm we strive to provide each client with quality legal services. Our firm, with offices located in downtown Las Vegas, is known for providing clients with personal attention and aggressive representation. With over thirty years of experience, we seek to maximize results and minimize costs for each client.

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We offer legal services in a variety of areas including:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Legal representation of personal injury claims and motor vehicle accident lawsuits is not simple. Many attorneys regard motor vehicle accident cases as simple, run of the mill matters. Read more

Premises Liability Claims

Nevada law requires owners of property that is open to the public to take steps to make their premises reasonably safe. Many people are injured because of unsafe conditions that could have… Read more

Personal Injury

At the Law Offices of Robert Ebinger Chtd. we represent people who have experienced personal injury because of another’s negligence or misconduct. Whether your injury is minor or… Read more

Traffic Tickets

Our law firm, with over 30 years experience, handles traffic citations and traffic related issues, not only in Las Vegas but throughout all of Nevada. We also quash or lift bench warrants. Read more

Sealing of Criminal Records

A person’s arrest record or criminal charges are permanently part of court records until you seal it. Record sealing prevents the general public from obtaining information pertaining… Read more

Other Services

With over 30 years experience in both civil and criminal litigation, we have performed a wide variety of legal services. We accept select cases in Uncontested Divorce, Name Changes, Wills, … Read more

Both Bob (attorney) and Peter (case manager) were extremely helpful. I was stressed about my case and sometimes stopped into the office without an appointment. They always had time for me. –Steve P., Las Vegas

My attorney was really good at explaining the options available to me on my case. Things were explained in a common sense kind of way, I liked that.–Shirley S., Las Vegas

The other driver who really caused the accident lied to the police and I was cited for the accident. Bob and Peter took my case but said 'no guaranties.' When I received a settlement, I was so happy.–Tom N., Las Vegas

Before we retained Bob, we were dealing with doctors, medical bills and the insurance company. It was overwhelming. Bob met with us on a Saturday afternoon and answered all our questions, even the trivial ones. He sure helped us.–Christine W., Las Vegas